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SPC Bonanza Sales

SPC Bonanza Sales at

We offer SPC (SMS Portal Creator or as others call it SMS Portal Builder) for sales during this bonanza period at the price next to zero.

SPC software is the software needed to turn your Joomla to bulk sms­ website. Our bulk SMS software is highly customized and automated. It relieves you from manually doing most of the jobs, even to the extent of crediting members with sms units.

The Admin area is superb and easy to configure and you can easily automate some settings.

The member area is easy and friendly for customers. You as an administrator can determine what the customer does and what it can not.

Price: The price is next to FREE, please call or text 09086456832


Specifically, The Features:


  • Automatically send SMS in background if total no of recipient is greater than admin pre-specified number
  • Automatic splitting of messages into multiple pages if it exceeds maximum allowed by your provider
  • Members get automatically credited once they pay through integrated payment gateway.
  • View SMS chat history of a particular recipient
  • Block any message containing any combination of the admin pre-specified group of words
  • Block or replace certain sender Ids from being used on your site.
  • Block country codes/networks.
  • Improved phone-book record selection on compose page
  • Save recipients to new or old address book group while sending message
  • Upload recipients with names and numbers
  • Save a copy of message being sent as Draft for future use
  • Removal of duplicate numbers from recipients before sending sms
  • Removal of invalid numbers from recipients before sending sms
  • Reformats poorly formatted numbers e.g formats 08081234567 and +447701234567 to 2348081234567 and 447701234567 respectively
  • Dynamic Sender ID
  • Multiple recipients
  • Select individual recipients from address book while sending message
  • Select groups from address book while sending messsage
  • Upload recipients from text files or csv
  • Accept recipient numbers and names
  • Type new message or pick messages from draft folder
  • Search sent messages by username, sender ID, message content, status e.t.c
  • Cancel pending and scheduled messages with a button
  • Resend already sent messages
  • View, edit or delete draft SMS
  • Automatic cost calculation for SMS orders
  • Members can have signature appended to all outgoing SMS messages
  • Notify member of insufficient credits where required credit exceeds remaining balance
  • Schedule a single message to deliver at multiple times (Unlimited scheduling)


  • Create unlimited phone book groups
  • Add multiple phone numbers and names to phone book
  • Upload numbers and names from file to phone book
  • Delete a phone book group and all its records
  • Member can transfer phonebook to other members


  • Payment via VoguePay Naira Payment gateway
  • Improved transaction history showing member balance before and after transaction
  • Comprehensive transaction log
  • Approve or cancel transaction that have not been paid for or paid through bank
  • Search transaction records
  • Members can transfer SMS Units


Database Backup

  • Automatic database backup
  • Specify database backup Interval in hours
  • Automatically send successful database backups to a specified email
  • Automatically send successful database backups to ftp location
  • Backs up entire Joomla database not just SMS tables


  • Generate and sell SMS vouchers
  • Voucher prefixing (Use prefix to differentiate vouchers of different denominations)
  • Members can credit account with SMS vouchers from site or mobile app.
  • Members can resell sms vouchers

Reports and Analysis

  • Export phone-book records for a member or all members for a time period.
  • Export Message history for a member or all members for a time period.
  • Export transaction records for a member or all members for a time period.
  • Export voucher records for a member or all members for a time period.
  • Export member records for all members for a time period.

Member Statistics

  • Fetch all member SMS purchase statistic by date range
  • Fetch all member SMS usage statistic by date range


SMS/Transaction Summary

  • Query SMS summary and frequency for a single member over a time period
  • Query transaction summary and frequency for a single member over a time period


  • Add as many API as possible
  • Drop-down option to switch between APIs
  • Prevent Modifications to default API for your resellers (improved)
  • SMS Routing (optional) to send different networks/country codes through different APIs
  • You get your own SMS API(To give to your own re-sellers)
  • Route different networks/country codes through different API


  • Automatic notification of available updates
  • Single button update (No technical knowledge)
  • Alternative manual update
  • Lifetime free updates

Additional Improvements

  • Improved SMS sending engine(Sends in background when sms recipients is too much)
  • Send to unlimited recipients without hogging server resources (even if you choose to send to 1 million recipients at a go)


  • Automatic birthday messages to members on their birthdays
  • Automatic missing you messages to members who have not been to your platform for a while
  • Schedule unlimited SMS into the future
  • New notification system: Members choose whether to be notified by SMS, email or both
  • Leave messages for members to see when they log in
  • Admin can send sms to all members

Menu, look and feel

  • Automatic menu creation (You don't need to create menus manually)

Want more?

Above all: We install the SPC for you, this takes away the whole stress and you only need to customize. Your SMS site is ready!

EXTRA FOR YOU: We can even design the whole site, install the SPC, integrate the API and do the whole customization for you, all within three working days.

For any of the above, please call or text 09086456832 to know the price.

The bonanza closes by the End of This Month!

Making cool money does not require hot effort


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